Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#reading: Encore Edie by Annabel Lyon

Life isn't easy for thirteen-year-old Edie Snow. She's the youngest kid in her new high school, she has a serious shortage of cool clothes, and her own family doesn't even understand her. Add to that a sister who's acting crazy, a boy friend who wants to be a boyfriend, and a mortifying nickname, and it's about as much as one girl can bear. But just when Edie thinks her social life couldn't possibly get any harder to navigate, her mom forces her to walk her teenaged cousin Merry, who has Down syndrome, home from school every day. Suddenly Edie is torn between her love for her cousin and a new sense of uncertainty. Will her classmates make fun of Merry? Will they make fun of her?
Confused about what it means to be cool, Edie decides to take action to get her social life back on track. She joins the school play, which she hopes will help her make new friends and get her out of taking care of Merry. But Edie's ambitious musical production of Shakespeare's King Lear ends up alienating her even further from her schoolmates. With the musical on the brink of disaster, Edie realizes that if she doesn't find some help--fast!--it'll be curtains for her play...and her social life.

Juvenile Fiction
Ages 9-12

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holessence said...

Sounds like an excellent read!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

It was--and I will tell you more next Wednesday.