Friday, October 14, 2011

Please welcome Author Keta Diablo

How/why did you start to write?

Hi Leanne, my fellow Decadent Publishing colleague. Thank you so much for hosting me today. It’s very kind of you to support authors in this way. (It's my pleasure, Keta. Thank you for visiting.)

Five or six years ago I wrote a fictional story based on history from my ancestors. I had studied their genealogy for years and meant to only detail it for family usage. That turned into a novel, the first historical I wrote. Of course, I embellished the facts – fiction, you know.

How did you become an author?

See question number one – lol. I meant to write a history of our ancestors, but some of the incidents were engaging and, of course, factual. For instance, my great-great grandparents lived through a Dakota Native American revolt and many of their friends and neighbors were killed during the uprising. About the same time, my great-great grandmother sent two sons, her brother and a son-in-law off to fight in the Civil War at a time she was pregnant with her eleventh child. She was a remarkable woman and the inspiration for that first story.

What was your first published piece?

A novel that finaled in the RWA Molly Contest about five years ago titled Decadent Deceptions. Prior to that, I wrote only for my own pleasure. In 2010 my entry in the Scarlet Boa contest placed in the top ten finalists and in 2011 my paranormal shifter Where The Rain Is Made was nominated for a Bookie Award by Authors After Dark. I consider myself very fortunate to have achieved these nods.

Where was it published?

Decadent Deceptions was published a little over three years ago and is still listed with Noble Romance, and Where The Rain Is Made was published through Decadent Publishing about 14 months ago.

What did you do before embarking on your writing career? Was it an asset to your writing? How?

I’ve always been a voracious reader, beginning in the fifth grade. I also read many books on the craft. However, books don’t help nearly as much as writing every day. I think it’s the only way to really learn what you’re doing wrong and what works. Write every day until a sentence makes sense, and then a paragraph and finally a scene. Know about POV (point of view), dangling modifiers, grammar, punctuation and then move on to the real craft or art of writing.

What inspires you?

Dreams, real-life stories on the Internet or people-watching. If you sit in a quiet place at a mall and just observe people in conversation or going about their business, you can learn quite a bit about writing, especially when it comes to character depictions. Several years ago, I used to frequent this restaurant – a rundown, kind of seedy place – with lots of unusual customers. Now, that was a learning experience. I didn’t care “what” they were talking about, but rather how they talked, their expressions and gestures while trying to get a point across. I think every writer should spend some time studying human beings going through every day, mundane activities.

Please share one of your successful marketing techniques

It’s really hit and miss when it comes to marketing and promotion. You’ve seen all the web sites that promise they have the “best” marketing tools available. I think it depends on the author, the genre, and the heat level. Once you determine your brand, then you should market specifically to the audiences that read your genre. For instance, I don’t write or read sci-fi, so it wouldn’t do me any good to promote my erotic romance historicals on a sci-fi forum. I have a very active Twitter following (@ketadiablo) and a great Facebook following (

I occasionally use Goodreads, but not often. I think there are authors who have found this venue very successful. And I avoid Amazon entirely except for the Book Bazaar there. I don’t know firsthand, but I’ve heard horror stories about readers’ responding to author promotion on Amazon. My point is, what works for me might not work for everyone. You have to find your forum and eventually the persistence and perseverance will pay off. 

Parting words

Thank you so much for hosting me Leanne. I enjoyed your questions very much. (Thank you, Keta. Without your thoughtful, helpful answers there would be no post.) My latest release is Land of Falling Stars, an erotic romance historical set during the Civil War (can you tell I like this era?). The blurb is below, and don’t forget to follow my romance blog, Ketas Keep ( ) and sign up for my newsletter at my author home. I give away three books every time the newsletter goes out ( )

About Land of Falling Stars:

After her parents die in a fire, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved home, Arbor Rose. The Civil War has devastated the South, and another blue coat has come to steal her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy inflicts his destruction, she shoots him. And soon discovers the soldier is Gavin, the champion of her childhood.
Gavin's dark secret lurks in Sophia’s future. When she discovers the truth, she's torn between a burning hunger for the man she truly loves and loyalty to Jesse, their childhood friend. The despicable acts of war have changed everything Sophia and Gavin once cherished. Yet somewhere deep in their hearts, the mystical Land of Falling Stars still exists.  



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