Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Podcast: Author reading of The Sweater Curse (Chapter 1 Part 2)

Chapter one (part two)

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Remember, if you missed the Prologue or Chapter 1: Part 1, you can find them on the Podcast page.

Happy listening!


You won't believe the number of fun blogs I've found today.

10 Q Tuesday Shayne Leighton on the Daily Dose of Decadence blog

Deena Remiel writes Muse Wanted: Inquire Withing here

Writing alone or in groups: Silke Juppenlatz shares some advice about collaborating here

Laurie reports about the white stuff here

Sheila Stewart writes a timely blog here (Warning it's a little naughty)

Happy Groundhog day!

It's overcast on sunny Mayne Island


Working on my work in progress (Turning: a YA adventure)

Word count: 25, 510 words

A new sentence added: He tried other names--Big Tits, Lard Ass. Those hadn't stuck, "And" had.

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