Friday, December 24, 2010

Clever and intelligent authors

Have you ever notice that some habits are very hard to break?
If you're a smoker, a couch potato, or an overeater you know what I mean.
I fit into at least two of those categories and here's another--blogoholic.
Today I was going to take a break from this blog. And, yet, here I am.
What I should have done is gone elsewhere. I shouldn't have sat down in front of my computer. I shouldn't have sufered the net, because when I did everything screamed, "Post about me. I'm interesting."
I tried to ignore it. I did.
The trouble is I'm weak and besides some people don't play fair, at all.
For example, not to name names or anything, but over on Daily Dose of Decadence ( A. Faris was just too clever.
And, then...and then...Robert C. Roman on 30 Days of Decadence (, he didn't even try to play fair. What with his informative explanation of why I feel so much better today than I did yesterday, and everything.
Go, read, you'll see what I mean. But, remember, I warned you.
Now, I swear I'm going to break these chains. I'm going to enjoy my day. I'll be back later with my report from the yule log.
Next post: Report from the Yule log (later tonight)
Happy Holidays!!

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